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Laser Vision Correction

Why Crystalens™?

The answer is simple. Crystalens offers patients the chance to see the way they want to see, without the help of glasses or contact lenses…. near, far and all distances in between, effortlessly. Everyday tasks, such as reading the morning paper, watching your children play baseball, or just driving to work are once again a possibility, usually without depending on Sunglasses or contacts.

What is Crystalens?

Crystalens is a revolutionary breakthrough in refractive and cataract surgery. It is the first and only intraocular lens that allows patients to focus at all distances, much like their own natural lens once did. This lens works with the muscles of the eye to restore vision at near, far and everywhere in between. It is designed to move when the patient attempts to see at different distances. This movement is what gives the Crystalens its unique focusing ability. Crystalens can be used to replace a natural lens that has developed a cataract, as well as a natural lens that does not have a cataract. When a cataract is not present, the surgery would be considered elective, and would be done in order to eliminate the need for glasses and contacts. Crytalens Logo

How does Crystalens work?

The Crystalens is designed with two hinges that allow the lens to move back and forth as the muscles in the eye contract and relax. This movement is what gives patients the ability to see at all distances seamlessly. Most patients are able to see without depending on glasses for near or far soon after surgery. The Crystalens is implanted in the same, safe manner that traditional intraocular lenses have been for over 30 years. Dr. Price uses a small incision to first remove the patient’s current lens, and then implant the Crystalens in its place. Follow up and post-operative care is very similar to that of traditional cataract or refractive lensectomy patients.

Who are the best Crystalens candidates?

Crystalens is well suited for men and women who are between the ages of 40-65, who are either bothered by cataracts or just bothered by nearsightedness, farsightedness or presbyopia. It is ideal for patients who not only want to restore vision lost due to cataracts or aging, but who also want to greatly reduce their dependency on glasses and contacts.

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