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Price Eye Clinic is dedicated to a simple mission - help people see their best...
Dr. Kent Price
Dr. Kent Price
Welcome to PriceEye.com!

My name is Dr. Kent Price and I want to help you see your best without glasses or contact lenses.

This site is designed to be used in two ways. First, you can take a guided tour which will help you build a custom portfolio of your visual needs and vision correction options. Start with the questions below to help define your visual needs and list your vision correction options. Follow the links to educate yourself regarding those vision correction options. As you go along click on the “add to profile” button on the menu to place the information you have just read into a printer friendly personal profile. After reading about your vision correction options go the the Financing page to learn how affordable your choice will be. After viewing all the pages, go to the Profile page to print a hard copy of what you have read. Finally, click “Schedule an Evaluation” where you will be put in touch with our Surgery coordinator who will work to find the most convenient time for your personal evaluation and consultation.

The site can also be used in a self directed fashion. Select Site Map from the menu to explore specific issues you want to learn more about.

To start your Guided Tour click on the scenario that best describes your vision. As you take the tour, click "add to profile" on the menu to create a printer friendly summary.